Speaker Spotlight on…Dr. Gabrielle Walker

In these uncertain times, it seems difficult to switch off from the metaphorical whirlwind that is the coronavirus. The only certainty that the international community seems to agree on is that there is an eventual end to the problem. Another geopolitical whirlwind, both metaphorically and physically, is climate change. According to this month’s speaker, Dr. Gabrielle Walker, there is cause for optimism in the face of that problem too.

Gabrielle is a climate change scientist, strategist and author. She appeared on our stage for the first time at our first event of 2020, Citywire’s NMA Conference and Awards. She has since appeared at the Wealth Manager equivalent of the event in March. Gabrielle has taught at both Princeton and Cambridge universities, served as climate change editor at the new scientist and currently holds advisory roles to a number of international companies.

A Climate for Change’

Attitudes towards global warming are changing almost as quickly as the climate itself, with many accepting the reality of the issue. According to Gabrielle, what used to be seen merely as the purview of environmentalists and the enemy of profit, climate change is fast becoming a business opportunity. A concept that presents change for all of us; ‘tree hugger’ and financial adviser alike.

Instant Climate Karma’

The industries that fail to adapt to climate change will fail to exist according to Gabrielle. During both of her Citywire talks, Gabrielle presented two ironic images in what she described as ‘instant climate karma’. The first, a Texas oil refinery submerged in floods and the second, a Venice boardroom up to the desktops in water only moments after passing an agreement to halt climate measures.

‘A letter to the future’

Gabrielle also highlighted a number of innovations benefitting from the transition to cleaner energy, such as the electric car and carbon catching devices. Outside of unique ideas and companies to invest in, Gabrielle clearly believes that there is hope still in the face of this emergency and while we endeavour to save it, there are business opportunities to capitalise on along the way.

As with much of the present geopolitical situation, things remain uncertain. Here at Citywire, we can only be grateful to speakers like Gabrielle for providing some clarity.

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