Work From Home Top Tips

Now that we are all having to work from home, we thought we’d give you a run down of all of our top tips. There’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment but we need to keep an eye on working towards the future and staying motivated.

1. Get Dressed

As much we want to stay in pjs and lounge wear all day, getting dressed really helps get you motivated. Although from our colleague Katie’s research, it would seem that you are all preferring to keep it casual.

2. Have a dedicated work space

This probably shouldn’t be your bed! Set up at a table or a space you can go to, purely to work. You need a space that is not going to distract you, so avoid being near your TV and your personal phone. Make sure you’re near a plug socket, this is vital advice!

3. Listen to Music

Working to music can help keep you on track but only if you are listening to the right things. You don’t want it to distract you. A lot of people find it difficult to be in complete silence so some background noise can really help. As we’ve needed to work from home this week, we’ve put together a playlist of what we’ve been listening to for you.

3. Keep a regular schedule

Structure keeps you sane! Making sure you get up at the same time everyday for example. Scheduling in specific working hours is a good start, know when your computer should be turned on and switched off. A good example from our team comes from Helen, our Conference Producer. On a Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime, along with most of the team, she does fitness training in the park. To keep her exercise going now that she’s having to work from home, she is going on runs at these times. Keeping a sense of normality is vital.

We recommend downloading Strava. It’s a great way to track your runs and you can follow and motivate each other on there!

5. Snacks

As you’re at home, we assume that like us you’ll be snacking more than normal! Try to go for something healthy. We know it’s hard when all you want is an entire bag of crisps…but having to stay inside means we need to be particularly mindful of our health, and how we are looking after ourselves.

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