Citywire events sustainability statement

Sustainability sits at the heart of Citywire’s event strategy. In the course of staging our events around the world, we seek to work with sustainable suppliers, limit wastage of all types and to reduce our carbon footprint.

As well as operating in a sustainable way, it is also important to highlight that our meetings based events program enable both delegates and attending asset managers to get together collectively, in a highly efficient manner.

Rather than traveling to many individual meetings, our events ensure the best use of attendees time, significantly reducing the number of flights, hotels, taxi’s and other associated activities typically undertaken.

Our strategy breaks down into three core areas:


We are reducing, recycling and re-using our event materials. All participants are encouraged to employ technology to reduce printing and marketing activities onsite as well as using sugar cane pens and recycled cotton bags. We are re-using our staging and sets and reducing energy usage for lighting and sound also ensuring our Audio Visual suppliers share our values.

Food & Consumables

Our event managers put sustainability first when choosing menus and where ever possible use locally sourced ingredients to reduce our carbon impact. Our focus is food wastage, ensuring that hotels have a responsible strategy in place.


We work with venues, who make environmental and community impacts a priority. Each hotel deploys their own strategies focussing on Community responsibilities, sustainable practices and employee welfare.

Our strategy is continually evolving with input from our teams, our clients and our suppliers and forms part of Citywire’s wider sustainable statement.