Lockdown Diaries – Entry 1

Since being in lockdown we have all had to find new ways to entertain ourselves. Our social lives changed so quickly that we’ve all had to adapt and create some normality for ourselves.

Below are some snippets of what the events team have been doing to keep busy. We have been reflecting on the positives of what we’ve all experienced and what we’re looking forward to once the world starts to return to normal.

Amy, Event Manager:

Whilst definitely frustrating at times, I have actually found the slow pace that lockdown life has demanded to have some real benefits. Weirdly, it is probably a time that I will look back on quite fondly. Saying this I am also very excited to get back to the excitement of running events, travelling and of course the pub!

Books: I have read countless books over lockdown but a real stand out is ‘Where the Crawdads sing’. Really didn’t think it was going to be my thing to start with, took a while to get in to it but then I really loved it. Beautifully written and a really lovely story about nature, love and loneliness.

Achievements: I have taken up Spanish on Duolingo since the beginning of lockdown. I studied it at school but had forgotten the vast majority of it – until now! I have dedicated about 30 minutes a day during the week to completing lessons on the app and I feel like I have improved so much. Can’t wait to get out to our Spain/ South America events to practice in real life! I have also completed a Yale university online course in the Science of Wellbeing which I have found super interesting and thought provoking – really puts everything into perspective and I will definitely be taking lots of lessons from this into everyday life going forward.

Family: Going back to my home in the country for lock down has provided an opportunity to reconnect with my family and spend lots of time with our animals which I have really loved. My sister has also been home so it has been great spending an extended amount of time with her, plus she is an incredible baker so that has kept the whole family happy! One of our horses was pregnant at the beginning of lockdown so I was also lucky enough to witness the birth of a new family member. Watching little Baloo explore the world for the first time was something I would never have had the opportunity to do in normal circumstances.

Millie, Senior Events Executive:

Lockdown has taught me to try harder to enjoy the little things in life. Like spending time with my family, running with my dog, cooking a nice meal, or reading a good book! I have been thankful for the countryside and fresh air, which makes a change from my usual busy life in London. I have been trying to build some healthy habits during lock down. I’ve been doing daily meditation, exercise and yoga practice, as well as learning to speak Spanish. This is something which I definitely want to maintain in the future. Also, having lived at home with my family for the past three months, I have managed to save loads of money. Another thing I definitely want to do more of once this is all over!!

Tash, Head of International Events:

I’ve enjoyed being locked down in Kenya and therefore being able to spend more time with my family and dogs. I love starting the day not feeling stressed or annoyed by the commute! However, I am missing the team and all the ridiculous conversations we would usually have at the desk.